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Forgive and... Forgive Again

by Rusty Ricketson, Ph.D.
Paperback - 153 pages
The Injury is incurred. A spouse running off with someone else… memories of sexual abuse by a trusted family relative… being cheated by your business partner and losing it all… being a victim of gossip… having a child purposely hurt by another… the list goes on.

For most, the wrongs are injury enough, but then you walk in the church door and hear well-meaning Christians tell you to "forgive and forget." How can we forget these horrible wrongs? Our memories won't allow us. We're victimized twice by a cultural cliché that finds little basis in God's Word.

In this book, Dr. Ricketson sheds light on how God addresses the issue. From Old Testament sacrifices to New Testament teachings, Rusty opens the door to freedom as he explores God's approach to wrong incurred and the way He might just use those painful memories.
Price: $13.95

Follower First: Rethinking Leading in the Church- Second Edition

by Rusty Ricketson, Ph.D.
6 X 9 - Paperback - 322 pages 
After four years of research and 85 new pages of material, the Second Edition of Follower First presents an even more thoroughly biblical argument that followers actually hold the key to fulfilling the church's mission. With an understanding that the Bible is a book written by followers, about followers,  for followers, Dr. Ricketson asserts:
 - Jesus was the greatest follower who ever lived.
 - Followers always have the choice of whether they will or will not follow the leader.
 - Good leading does not guarantee good following.
 - By divine design, the church is a follower-centered organization not a leader-centered organization.
Written from a follower's perspective, Follower First presents biblical, theoretical, and practical guidelines necessary to mobilize church members to fulfill their God-given responsibilities as followers of Christ. The Second Edition also provides the RETHINK sections that add thought-provoking applications to help embed a followerfirst perspective.
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Price: $27.95

Follower First Profile

by Rusty Ricketson, Ph.D.

As a companion to his latest book, Follower First, author Rusty Ricketson has developed a profile that will help you determine your Follower First Quotient.  If you have purchased the book, there is a code inside your book on page 233 that will enable you to download one copy of the profile for free from our Follower First website at www.followerfirst.com.

If you do not have a profile code from the book, or if you would like to order multiple copies of the profile for your church or small group, you can purchase the Follower First Profile using one of the options below:

Print Quantity:
If you would like to print more than 300 profiles, please contact us for pricing.

Crossing The Homiletical Bridge: A Journey From Accurate Exegesis To Meaningful Exposition
by Tony Guthrie, Ph.D.
6 X 9 - Paperback - 278 pages
In this book experienced pastor and professor Tony Guthrie takes readers on a journey from biblical exegesis to meaningful application of God's relevant Word. He notes that too many, perhaps even most, communicators of God's Word practice "guessegesis" rather than solid exegesis. Beginning with the purpose of preaching then moving through the process of understanding the ancient text to the meaningful and relevant application to the modern listener, Guthrie reveals a system that is simple yet detailed. The preacher's need for deep study is married to the listener's goal of seeing meaningful implications for their lives.
To purchase a copy of Crossing the Homiletical Bridge please click this link to the author's website:   Tony Guthrie 
Price:  $29.95

Basic Sewing with the Sower

by Mindy Moss
8.5 X 11 - Paperback - 106 pages 
From learning the numerous parts of a sewing machine to understanding the basics of a skill that will last a lifetime, Mindy Moss takes students on a journey filled with insight, information, and inspiration.
Throughout the study students not only learn the basics of sewing but also Scriptural insights that help them live a life honoring to God. This integration of sewing skill with Scripture makes "Basic Sewing with the Sower" a study that impacts the students for a lifetime.
Price: $19.95 

Transformational Preaching

by Dr. Michael D. Woods
6 X 9 - Paperback - 217 pages 
In this work Dr. Michael Woods communicates the classic expository preaching components in fresh ways. This treatise furnishes new wineskins for the vibrant wine of transformational preaching. Although the author's preaching was planted in the soil of the African American religious experience, this compendium features his approach to preaching as a hybrid that provides a rationale and methodology that can be used effectively in any culture. It may be employed both in the academy and in the church to promote biblical preaching that exalts the Savior and edifies the believer.
To purchase a copy of Transformational Preaching please click this link to the author's website:  Dr. Michael D. Woods - Ministry With Excellence 

Price: $24.95 

Five Shades of Leadership
by M. J. Stanton, Ed D
5X7 - Paperback - 86 pages
In this work you will learn that safeguards are available to prevent leadership blunders. You'll learn why no organization should have cash flow problems for an extended        period of time. You will discover the five ways that you can grow to become all you were created to be and help others in their quest for the same. You will encounter insights, principles and specific steps to help you grow a five star team. And most importantly, you will find at the end of every chapter templates and exercises to help you put a powerful plan together, so you can rapidly achieve greater success in record time.
To purchase a copy of Five Shades of Leadership please click this link in order to contact the author:    M. J. Stanton, Ed D 
Price: $19.95